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Jean-Yves Lemoigne’s photography is surreal, beautiful and thought provoking. His images range from unicorn-men in hard times, pixelated actresses, and regular folk hidden in the shadows.


Volkan Olmez   |http://volkanolmez.com

“Glossary of Architectural Terms”

He is 28 years old, graphic and user interface designer, student at Istanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design Department. He is living in Istanbul/Turkey.

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This incredible photo caught our eye while browsing Swissmiss this afternoon. Surprisingly enough, the author of this image shot and edited it solely with an iPhone!

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Here’s some pictures from the Ghetto Cross show last night. Bradford opened up doing Atlas Sound songs (one of them with Lockett of Lotus Plaza,) Cole did some of his solo Old King Cole tracks, Dunes from LA played a set, then finally Ghetto Cross played their first show ever. It was pretty epic.

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Vanessa Paxton - Ballerina, 2011


Photos of various alcoholic drinks as seen under a microscope

1. Vodka tonic
2. Daiquiri
3. Plain vodka
4. Irish stout
5. White Russian
6. Pina colada
7. Rose wine
8. Sake
9. Tequila
10. Dry martini

The drinks were allowed to dry on a microscopic slide, and afterwards natural light was shined onto it and an extreme close-up shot was taken with a 35mm camera. No color enhancement required.

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I’d like to ask your help if you could please answer this

Photography survey.

If you have friends that also like photography please reblog and let them answer this. This would just take a few minutes.

Thank you very much

Interactive Paintings on the Streets of Malaysia

A great new street artist is making a splash in Malaysia this month. Painter Ernest Zacharevic created four new works where his painted figures of mischievous children are seen interacting with their physical surroundings: an old bicycle, a motorcycle, or even windows on the side of a building. His most popular piece of two small children on a large bicycle has become a major destination in the city with dozens of people stopping to take creative photos. (via thisiscolossal)

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10 Of The Year’s Most Amazing Science Photos

"The Wellcome Collection announced the winners of its 12th annual image awards, recognizing the “most informative, striking and technically excellent” pictures from the collection’s recent acquisitions."

Find out more about the Wellcome Image Awards, visit wellcomeimageawards.org

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Pedro Re

“George Willis Ritchey (1864-1945) was the prophet and builder of the first large American reflecting telescopes and a master of celestial photography. The largest telescopes in activity clearly demonstrate the validity of many of Ritchey’s predictions, which seemed fantastic if not impossible to most of the astronomers of his day.”


Smoke by Stefano Bonazzi


From his morning-time perch above the southbound lanes of Highway 85 in Monterrey, Mexico, photographer Alejandro Cartagena catches images of people on their way to work.


Icons in real life by Bechet Benjamin


Aerial Nudes

by John Crawford

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