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IRIS by Hybe

Utilising a hacked Xbox Kinect and a custom Arduino board this magnificent matrix of transparent LCD screens displays both wonderfully intricate moving patterns as well as mirroring peoples bodies and emulating their actions. A video is embedded below to demonstrate just how awe inspiring this work truly is.

Artists: | Website | Youtube | [via: Visual News]

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This really shows the true spirit of the Olympic games. Turkish runner Merve Aydin injured herself during an 800m heat, but still carried on a whole lap visibly in excruciating pain before limping over the finish line and falling to the floor in tears to the cheers of 80,000 fans in the Olympic stadium. Respect.

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my brain. right now.


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"Capturing a moment in time is in essence what taking a photo really is. But what if you could capture just a little more than that and preserve it forever. In an image. Hypnotic."

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