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A photo with THE Maria Ressa and some friends from Lyceum’s official student publication, The LPU Independent Sentinel. This photo was taken last Saturday during the Social Good Summit 2012 at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

The Social Good Summit was indeed a great experience. Also, the timing of the summit’s perfect because I’m organizing a seminar in our college next month about the responsible use of social media, consequence of cyber bullying and the Cybercrime Prevention Act. Wish me luck! :)

The LPU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Student Council A.Y. 2012-2013. Taken last night during the CAS’ Acquaintance Party. Find me! :)

Photo by RJ Molas.

Poster I did for LPU’s College of Arts and Sciences 1st General Assembly held last July 27, 2012 at JPL Hall of Freedom.

1st Month in Lyceum

Not bad at all, actually. I’m adjusting well and met a lot of friends already. I’m now part of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)’s Student Council. Too bad I can’t work with the official student publication of Lyceum (The LPU Independent Sentinel) at the same time so I picked to work with the CAS Student Council instead.

Thank you for trusting me!

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Buhay “sit-in” sa ibang klase. 

Greetings from Lyceum’s ~* Holy *~ ground, Rm. 211.